Michael Avetikian
From Canada
Michael Avetikian
Founder of Armenian Food Bank
Michael Avetikian and his wife traveled from Canada to Armenia in March 2020. Due to the COVID-19 pandemic, which did not allow to travel back, they stayed in Armenia and decided to start helping poor and low-income families affected by the pandemic. They organized the first food bank in Armenia. The bank also helped during the Artsakh war supporting our army and the families of soldiers.

Armenian Food Bank has helped more than 200 thousand citizens of Armenia and Artsakh since 2020. Twelve tons of humanitarian aid, collected with the help of Diasporan Armenians, were transferred to Artsakh, which has been under blockade since December 2022.

Michael and his wife live permanently in Armenia, continue to engage in the foundation's activities, and help people with food and clothes. They travel around the country to remote villages, and every New Year, they organize a holiday for children with gifts, treats, and Santa Claus. The fund also organizes Charity Days and collects food and clothes for people in need.