Ask Me with Nazareth Seferian
Wanna live, work, study, volunteer or get engaged with Armenia? Ask Me, I'm a Repat!

Remember the Repat Armenia ''Ask Me'' campaign - where anyone interested in either living, working, studying or volunteering in Armenia had a chance to chat and network with someone who has had a similar experience?

It's back, but with a twist! Repat Armenia hosted its first ever ''Ask Me: Live Q&A'' event. Our guest, Nazareth Seferian, shared his individual repatriation experience as well as a glimpse into his professional integration in Armenia. The live feed allowed more than 100 people to ask any questions they had and got the chance to get the answers directly. 

Watch the livestream here

About Nazareth Seferian:

Born to Lebanese-Armenian parents, Nazareth Seferian moved to Armenia 20 years ago, after growing up and receiving his education in India. Whereas he started in the healthcare sector, with degrees from Yerevan State Medical University and the American University of Armenia, life had a different plan for him. Nazareth Seferian is a Sustainability and Social Responsibility (SSR) International Certified Professional and has more than 9 years of experience in Corporate Responsibility and Sustainability as well as Social Entrepreneurship. He is a co-founder of CSR Armenia, a non-profit organization focused on improving the perception and understanding of responsible business practices and holds a Post-Graduate Certificate in Sustainable Business from the University of Cambridge.

Nazareth also works as a literary translator with published English translations of various Armenian authors such as Gurgen Khanjyan, Mushegh Galshoyan, Karine Khodikyan, etc. This coincides with his more social activities such as taking part in book clubs and serving on the board of the Awesome Foundation Yerevan chapter, among other initiatives.

Nazareth and his wife, Mariam (born and brought up in Armenia), have two children with a third on the way.

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