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In occasion of the hundredth anniversary of the birth of the Armenian Republic, Yerevan opens its doors to contemporary art with the “International Contemporary Art Exhibition: Armenia 2018.

Soundlines of Contemporary Art” that from 25th of September to 25th of October will engage the capital city with more than fifty international artists exhibiting in seven different locations around the city center. 

It will be the first exhibition that will include all the different aspects of contemporary art -paintings, sculpture, photography, video art and installations and performance, and which will create a dialog among a vast number of international artists coming from all over the world, invited to realize their artworks in situ as well as participate in several workshops with students from different art institutes. The objective is to involve as much territory as possible and to make it part of the artistic debate and highlight its vocation for cultural exchange. For this reason, it extends to the city with a widespread diffusion of the most important cultural centers such as: Armenian Center for Contemporary Experimental Art, Aram Kachaturian Museum, Cafesijan Center for the Arts, Hayart Cultural Center, Artists’ Union of Armenia, A. Spendiaryan Opera and Ballet National Academic Theater, Armenian General Benevolent Union.

“Soundlines of Contemporary Art”, curated by Mazdak Faiznia and Marina Hakobyan, created and organized by Shaula International LLC, is under the high patronage of the Presidency of the Republic of Armenia and the patronage of the Canadian Government, the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Armenia, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage and Activities and Tourism of Italy, the cultural promotional project of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Italy Vivere All’italiana, the Italian Embassy in Armenia and is supported by the Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia, the EU Delegation to Armenia and Armenian General Benevolent Union (AGBU).

The exhibition focuses on key concepts such as cultural interaction, identity, mobility, the
circulation of thought, the border as a real and mental threshold that divides and at the same time allows exchange and cultural dialogue. These important themes are also included in the title of “Soundlines of Contemporary Art” in which the link and the metaphor with the sound underlines the power of the voice of art. Similarly, to what happens in an orchestra in which the sound of the Armenian duduk integrates perfectly with the other instruments, the exhibition aims to reflect a cultural fusion in contemporary history and the global scene in which Armenian artists conversate with those from other Countries.

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