Types of Insurance in Armenia


Those of us from the Western part of the world are generally used to insuring most anything. From life to car to even grabbing flood insurance, there is nothing out of the ordinary about it. In Armenia, new insurance companies have begun to appear, with more diverse packages to meet local and repat needs. 

Insurance Companies in Armenia

There are a handful of insurance companies in Armenia at the moment. The full list includes:
-Rosgosstrakh Armenia
-Armenia Insurance
-INGO Armenia
-SIL Insurance
-Nairi Insurance
-ISG Insurance
-Armenian Motor Insurers Bureau
-Export Insurance Agency of Armenia
-Yerkir Insurance

There are also companies working with larger insurance organizations, such as AvantGuard Risk Solutions, providing a well-rounded insurance service. Others such as Prime Insurance Brokers LLC or Resolution LLC offer risk assessment and insurance company matching services, taking care of the coordination and collaboration between insured and insurer. Pacific Prime also provides health insurance packages to non-Armenians travelling to the region. 

Types of Insurance Available

Outside of personal insurance, there are also business-oriented insurance policies that some of the companies cater to. Overall, we can find:


-Car insurance (Some companies have women-only insurance as well)


-Personal Accident
-Support for Medical Expenses Abroad
-Accidental Mishap


-Land Transport
-Liability (General and Professional)
-Employee Medical
-Employee Accident
-Support for Medical Expenses Abroad
-Pawn Shop Special Insurance
-Currency Exchange Special Insurance

Documents Needed to Acquire Insurance

The easiest is travel insurance. The companies providing it, particularly Ingo Armenia, require your passport information and dates of travel. The whole process should take about 5 minutes. There is cancellation insurance as well, alongside the health coverage while outside of Armenia.

Insurance also exists by some companies for visitors to Armenia. This covers emergency medical needs while in the country, extending to Artsakh borders. You will need a passport copy and phone number. 

Car insurance is required by law, taken for no less than 3 months, and covers both personal and material damages. The insurance premium takes into account type of car, horsepower, purpose of its use, driver age and experience, insurance history, and anything else the insurer deems necessary. Family members and cohabiters of the insured are covered under the insurance for the most part, while the area covered extends to Georgia, Iran and the CIS countries. Your premium drops with each year of lawful, accident-free driving. You will need to present passport and social card, registration document of the vehicle/customs declaration/purchase contract, and/or power of attorney and his passport, if an authorized person will be signing the contract for you. You might also need a reference from the bank where amount of credit is noted if the vehicle was bought thus, as well as passport and driver licenses of all authorized drivers. 

For property insurance, you will need passport of owner, ownership certificate, Document from the bank if there is a mortgage on the house, and an evaluation act if you have re-evaluated the property. 

Family financial stability insurance is also available by some companies, covering the family should the breadwinner die or become disabled due to an accident, myocardial infraction, cerebral stroke, or cancer. Insurance is available for those under 51 years of age who provide income to their families, have a mortgage, and/or have children to care for. 

Health insurance on an individual basis is not available by all companies, and where it is, the coverage is limited. Repat Armenia has brokered health insurance on a group status to ensure better coverage for a lower price. You will need your passport. Contact Repat Armenia to be added to the insurance list. 

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