About Us

Who We Are
Who We Are

The Repat Armenia Foundation, a non-governmental, non-profit institution, was established in August 2012 to take the concept of active repatriation promotion to the next level, with a full time, dedicated staff based in Yerevan and a network of supporters worldwide.

Repat Armenia unites hundreds of like-minded people with diverse backgrounds and life experiences, who provide potential repatriates and newcomers with soft landing and networking support, by providing information and necessary resources for those who wish to engage with Armenia.

Repat Armenia stands by you as you explore the possibilities, weigh the options, and hopefully embark on the journey to come, live, and enjoy an engaging and participatory future in the homeland.
Getting engaged with us is easy, #becauseYOUcan.

Who We Are
Our Mission
Inform, initiate and actively champion the return of high-impact (professional, entrepreneurial) individuals and families to Armenia to secure the future development of the Armenian nation.
What We Do
What We Do

For those who are considering a move to Armenia, we offer:  


- Online and offline consultations (orientation on integration issues, employment, doing business, networking, education, healthcare, and legal aspects)

- Information support (you will find a lot of practical information about the process of moving, living, and working in Armenia, personal experience, and practical advice of repatriates and expats on our website and social media platforms)
- Assistance with employment (individual job-matching support)
- Networking events of various types (formal and non-formal gatherings, introduction of impactful organizations and initiatives, outgoing trips)
- Medical health insurance (special package for our community members)

At Repat Armenia, we concentrate on three major principles revolving around promoting the concept of repatriation, providing individual integration support and influencing government policies to develop a pro-repatriation environment in Armenia.
Every year, around 1000 people from Russia, Lebanon, the USA, Iran, Syria, Canada, France, and other countries apply to us for repatriation and integration consultation. Within the ten years of our work, our community of repats and expats is now more than 12,000 members. For more information or if  you have any questions, email us at [email protected]
Board of Trustees
Repat Armenia Team
  • Vartan Marashlyan
    Co-Founder and Executive Director
  • Marianna Chobanyan
    Programs Manager
  • Talar Slikhanian
    Community Engagement Manager
  • Asya Gasparyan
    Case Manager