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Strengthening Armenia's Defenses: Getting Involved with VOMA and Azatazen
Strengthening Armenia's Defenses: Getting Involved with VOMA and Azatazen
In the wake of the 2020 war, Armenia saw the emergence of private military volunteer units dedicated to bolstering the nation's defenses and empowering its people. Two prominent organizations at the forefront of this movement are VOMA and Azatazen. These groups are not only contributing to Armenia's security but also providing avenues for individuals to actively participate and support their mission. In this blog post, we'll explore how you can get involved with VOMA and Azatazen.

VOMA - The Vanguard of Armenian Military Awakening

In 2014, a group of professional military personnel and veterans came together to form an organization with a unique mission: to cultivate a society capable of defending itself effectively in times of war. This organization, known as VOMA (which stands for Ողջ մնալու արվեստ - The Art of Survival), is a non-governmental entity dedicated to bolstering the defenses of the Republic of Armenia and uplifting the spirit of the Armenian people.
Mission and Goals: VOMA is a non-governmental movement with a clear mission - to strengthen the defenses of the Republic of Armenia and uplift the Armenian people's spirits. Their goals include immediately preparing 100,000 Armenian citizens and diaspora members to face potential threats, fortifying strategically important territories, establishing a recycling center for ammunition, and creating a specialized center for information warfare.
Training Opportunities: VOMA offers various training programs to equip individuals with the skills needed for defense and territorial fortification. These include three-month courses, a 75-day free course, and a challenging 10-day training camp in alpine conditions. Moreover, they are working on developing a domestic light tactical vehicle, which will serve in the newly formed territorial defense battalions of Armenia.
Building Firing Points: VOMA has taken upon itself the responsibility of arranging the second line of defense in Armenia. They aim to construct at least 500 firing points in the most difficult and dangerous directions, with a secondary goal of building up to 4,700 firing points across Armenia. You can contribute by making a one-time transfer or subscribing to automatic transfers to help fund the construction of these fortified areas.
Dual-Use Items Development: VOMA is actively involved in the development and implementation of elements in the Situational Center, a combat control and monitoring system. This system enables commanders to plan and conduct complex operations, facilitating effective decision-making.

Azatazen - Advocates for Armed Preparedness

Founded by veterans of the 2020 Artsakh War, Azatazen stands as a unique entity in Armenia's landscape. It proudly boasts the distinction of being the first and only open shooting range in the country, offering a specialized environment for those looking to practice long-range shooting with assault and sniper rifles.
Mission and Goals: Azatazen was founded by veterans of the 2020 war and has a clear purpose - to contribute to the development and use of armaments in Armenia, while advocating for legislative improvements related to the carrying and use of weapons. They also organize training camps, shooting courses, military sports competitions, and shooting competitions.
Shooting Range and Training: Azatazen operates as the first and only open shooting range in Armenia where individuals can practice long-range shooting with assault and sniper rifles. They provide experienced instructors who teach shooting techniques, tactics, safety measures, and more. Additionally, Azatazen shares its platform with other organizations involved in training, making it a hub for firearm education.
Advocating for Liberal Gun Laws: Azatazen has been instrumental in advocating for more liberal gun laws in Armenia. Their efforts have played a crucial role in shaping new legislation, offering greater access to firearms for those committed to defending the nation.
In recent times, the importance of preparedness and self-defense has gained significance due to regional conflicts. If you're interested in participating in shooting training, first aid courses, or learning about firearms, VOMA and Azatazen provide valuable avenues for you to contribute to Armenia's security while acquiring essential skills.
Both organizations are actively working towards a stronger, more resilient Armenia. By joining their efforts, you can play a vital role in safeguarding the nation and ensuring its preparedness for any future challenges. Get involved today and be a part of this inspiring movement for a more secure Armenia.
If you're eager to learn more about VOMA and Azatazen or ready to get involved in strengthening Armenia's defenses, you can reach out to them using the information below:
If you are interested in training, you may also consider the following organizations: POGA and Metsn Tigran.


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