My Road

  • Culture and education as connecting links in Armenia
    Repat Story
    Aram was born in the USA but grew up in the environment of Armenian culture, he has been living in Armenia for several months. Amir was born in Iran, although he spent most of his life in Armenia and carries the Armenian culture within himself as strongly and reverently as Aram, but, unlike him, has no Armenian roots.
  • Fear of losing the homeland as a reason for repatriation
    Repat Story
    The village of Tsovinar in the Gegharkunik region, Madrid, then transit Yerevan-Madrid-Yerevan, well, and the final point in this long journey of self-discovery, finding one's place and purpose, Azatazen: such is the geography of Nagash Bagdasaryan's return home.
  • #EngageArmenia2024: A Resounding Success Across Europe
    Spanning eight European cities from March 6 to March 13, 2024, the tour successfully brought together Armenians from diverse backgrounds to focus on the future of the homeland, fostering a deep and practical engagement.
  • Engage Armenia 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Sisian Boghossian on Catalyzing Armenia's Tourism
    As Armenia forges its path in an ever-evolving global context, it not only draws from its rich cultural heritage and history but also signals a future ripe with growth and possibilities.
  • Engage Armenia 2024 Participant Larisa Hovannisian on Empowering Armenia's Future
    Armenia has faced its fair share of troubles recently. However, amidst these challenges, there is a growing movement of Armenians from around the world coming together to reshape the country's future.
  • Shaping Armenia's Future: Perspectives from Nazareth and Hrayr
    As Armenia confronts a pivotal moment in its history, marked by significant challenges, a strategic approach to its development has become more pressing than ever. The Engage Armenia Forum 2024 in Europe, a meaningful initiative by Repat Armenia, brings together influential voices in this endeavor.
  • Shoushan Keshishian and Hub Artsakh: Resilience and Rebirth
    Repats for Artsakh
    In the summer of 2021, a small but vibrant community space emerged in the heart of Stepanakert, the capital of Artsakh (Nagorno-Karabakh). This space, known as Hub Artsakh, quickly became a haven for the youth of Artsakh, fostering creativity, innovation, and community spirit. Under the visionary leadership of Shoushan Keshishian, a repatriate from Lebanon, Hub Artsakh embarked on a remarkable journey, igniting hope and change in the region.
  • A Well-Thought-Out Decision: Ara’s Move from Germany to Armenia
    Repat Story
    Here is the inspiring story of Ara Yeramian, who made the life-altering decision to move from Germany to Armenia after spending 15 years in the heart of Europe. This narrative not only explores the rationale behind his decision but also uncovers the deep sentimental motivations that guided him.
  • Mary Asatryan: A Voice for Artsakh's Displaced and Vulnerable
    Repats for Artsakh
    Amidst the ongoing humanitarian crisis in Artsakh, a remarkable individual, Mary Asatryan, emerges as a symbol of unwavering dedication and love for her homeland. Since our last interview in February 2023, the situation in Artsakh has taken a tragic turn, with Azerbaijan launching a full-scale attack leading to the ethnic cleansing of the Armenian population.
  • The Artsakh Diary of Zhenya Yengibaryan: Part 2
    Repats for Artsakh
    Zhenya found her life in Armenia with her roots in Artsakh. “The whole Armenia is my homeland, and Artsakh is its heart,” she once wrote.
  • Embrace Every Stone: The Artsakh Diary of Zhenya Yengibaryan
    Repats for Artsakh
    I was born in Moscow and grew up outside the Armenian community. My father passed away very early when I was very young, my grandfather died long before I was born, and my mother was not Armenian, she was from a family of Polish descendants.
  • Hagop Ipdjian: Dedication and Resilience for Artsakh and its People
    Repats for Artsakh
    As the Armenian nation grapples with one of the most harrowing humanitarian crises in its recent history, the story of Hagop Ipdjian stands as a testament to the unwavering commitment of individuals to make a difference.
  • Finding Hope in the Homeland: Repatriating to Armenia in Uncertain Times
    In a world marked by unprecedented uncertainty, Armenia stands at a crossroads. The recent ethnic cleansing of Artsakh has shaken the nation, and the ongoing challenges facing Armenia add to the uncertainty. Yet, amid these trying times, a question emerges: Why should one consider repatriating to Armenia in the face of such uncertainty? To shed light on this matter, we turn to the insights of two individuals with a lot to say on the matter— Vartan Marashlyan, Repat Armenia Foundation’s Director, and Sevan Kabakian, Birthright Armenia’s Country Director.
  • Araz and Rupen: Embracing Challenges with Love, Service, and Resilience
    Repat Story
    In a world often defined by chaos and uncertainty, the stories of those who dedicate their lives to creating positive change shine like beacons of hope. Enter Araz Chiloyan Janbazian and Rupen Janbazian, a couple whose commitment to service, resilience in the face of adversity, and shared love have woven a narrative that inspires.
  • A man who found his way home
    Repat Story
    I will tell you a story that started back in the 19th century. My great-great-grandfather, Agop, was born in 1859 in the Ottoman Empire, in Constantinople. In the early twentieth century, he fled the Armenian Genocide and found refuge on the other side of the Black Sea in what is now Krasnodar Krai. The next three generations built their lives far away from Armenia, but they always kept the memory of their roots and passed this knowledge on to the young.