My Road

  • A man who found his way home
    I will tell you a story that started back in the 19th century. My great-great-grandfather, Agop, was born in 1859 in the Ottoman Empire, in Constantinople. In the early twentieth century, he fled the Armenian Genocide and found refuge on the other side of the Black Sea in what is now Krasnodar Krai. The next three generations built their lives far away from Armenia, but they always kept the memory of their roots and passed this knowledge on to the young.
  • Armenia-Artsakh-Diaspora - that’s the only formula for our survival
    My name is Mary Asatryan, I am a diasporan Armenian from Moscow, Russia and I repatriated to Artsakh in September 2022 via iGorts Program. This was one of the most conscious and determined decisions of mine throughout my whole life.
  • Marine Manasian about music, repatriation and love for Armenia
    Today we will tell you about the life and work of Marine Manasian, a composer, singer, and musician. Marine Manasian has recently returned to Armenia, and it is very interesting to learn not only about her work, but also about her experience of returning to her homeland.
  • Armenian By Choice: Liliana and Monica Condes from Colombia
    Armenian by Choice
    One of the most important things I learned about Armenian culture is that people here want to be part of something. The sense of community is so important
  • Armenian By Choice: Hiroki Tachiiri From Japan
    Armenian by Choice
    Meet Hiroki Tachiiri. He is one of the very few Japanese living in Armenia. Originally from Tokyo, Hiroki moved to Armenia in 2017 after being back and forth to Armenia for more than 10 years.
  • Suren Khachatryan
    Armenian by Birth
    I would like to see my son’s future in a safe, peaceful, economically developed and politically stable Armenia
  • Gayane Manukyan: From Armenia Back To Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    “I knew being in Armenia would be beneficial for me. If my parents were able to make it here during the dark and cold years, the opportunities now in a new Armenia would be endless."
  • “You need more than just patriotic reasons to come back to live in Armenia.” -Tatev Petrossian
    Armenian by Birth
    “Patriotism is not enough reason for you to move to Armenia. You need more than just that to anchor yourself here.”
  • Sarine Arslanian: A Storyteller in Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    I didn’t need to look any further. This was home
  • Impact of Global Armenians: Alain Touhadian
    Armenian by Birth
    When I stay in Armenia for too long, I want to leave. When I leave, I want to come back. It’s an interesting paradox
  • Back to the Basics in the Motherland; my Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    Live your life to the fullest and make every day count
  • Sarkis Panosian
    Armenian by Birth
    We work elsewhere, invest our time in working abroad, do all of that while we have Armenia to develop
  • From Good To Great: Zorah's Success Poetry
    Armenian by Birth
    To not dare is to have already lost, because things only happen if we dare to follow our dreams
  • Ara Ohanian
    Armenian by Birth
    You’ll never know what will happen, but I feel safe for my children and their future in Armenia
  • Making It In Armenia - Understanding
    Armenian by Birth
    Home is not a place. It is a feeling. Armenians are a great example of this.