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Things I Like About Yerevan – Compared To Los Angeles
Things I Like About Yerevan – Compared To Los Angeles
         YEREVAN                                 LOS ANGELES
Not needing a car
Almost impossible without one
Walk everywhere
Only done as “exercise”; not done in real life
Lots of mass transit
Dream on
Slow pace
Laid back, but with an underlying intensity
People focused
Digital screen focused
Sun ripened fruit/vegetables
Sure, for a price
Nice children
An overabundance of rude, entitled kids
Respect for the elderly
They’re invisible (at best)
Good food
LA’s got Yerevan beat there, but it’s catching up fast
Family oriented
Individual families, yes; others’, not so much
Free and low-cost arts
Tons of stuff to see/do, if you’ve got hours to get there
Never hearing “No problem”
Saying that doesn’t make it so
Great bread
It’s possible, but pricey
No Guns
Guns insanely idolized, brandished and used
Being called jan
Hey, yo
OTC low priced medications
Same ones, sold as expensive prescriptions
Virtually no obesity
Check out “People of Walmart”
Few gyms
Obsessed with Stairmasters instead of using stairs
Convenient shopping
Buckle your seat belts, you gotta drive
No weed-whackers
Noise polluting debris redistribution
Flowers everywhere
Seen through windows; sold indoors
No phone solicitors
Endlessly bombarded
Feels like home
Is home
By Linda Shahinian

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