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Artsakh Koshgerian
Artsakh Koshgerian
Artsakh Koshgerian was born and raised in Damascus, Syria. His first visit to Armenia was in 2016 when he enjoyed two months of being a tourist. 8 months ago, in 2017, Artsakh decided to continue his life in Armenia.
‘’When I first visited Armenia, I wasn’t sure what to expect. But I fell in love with the country right away! Just like any other tourist, my relatives and I went to all the places-Garni, Geghard, Artsakh, etc. It was exciting for me to see the beautiful landscape and experience the authentic culture. Armenia, really, was the place that inspired’’.

Artsakh is a graphic designer. He has worked in Syria and in Egypt, freelanced for different companies in UAE, Europe, and other countries. The first thing he thought about preparing for the move was finding a job here in Armenia. While still living in Syria, he applied for different companies.
"My daily routine included one more task after returning from Armenia and it was to check Armenia’s career websites in order to find a graphic designer vacancy. Meanwhile, the life in Syria wasn’t promising too much. All of my friends and relatives left the country seeking their future in Europe, Canada, United States and Armenia. My family owns a business in Damascus, it’s hard for them to leave everything behind and start from scratch. Besides, the feedback we had from Armenia was a vivid example for me to seriously consider the move and my family encouraged my endeavor. I applied for different companies, but they all refused to interview me online. So, in 2017, approximately 8 months ago I moved to live here’’.
Now Artsakh works at Aragil Online Marketing Agency as a graphic designer.
Now Artsakh works at Aragil Online Marketing Agency as a graphic designer.
‘’I saw the vacancy announcement on Repat Armenia’s website when I was already living in Armenia. I applied, was shortlisted and had the interview with the CEO of Aragil Ara Ohanian. He is also a repatriate. I felt very comfortable during the interview and the working environment seemed motivating. Soon I was hired and now am working with a great team full of enthusiastic and professional young people, mostly repatriates’’.
Aragil Online Marketing Agency is located at Impact Hub Yerevan, which is another place to be once in Armenia. Here you can meet different companies and individuals working side by side and creating new opportunities.

‘’There are so many things going on at Impact Hub Yerevan, but most importantly, I love having a lot of birthday parties and cakes here (laughs)’’.
Armenia has the potential to grow and become an international hub for graphic designers, IT developers, and creative professionals. As Artsakh states,
‘’Creativity is in Armenians blood. We don’t need to study much, although it’s an asset to have the high-quality education. Still, we have that inner taste, so we are, actually, really good at coming up with new ideas’’.
Though he loves his lifestyle in Armenia, there are certain things that he misses about Syria.
‘’Well, I might seem rude, but, it’s very hard for me to realize that people here make shawarma with salad. Like for real, who does that? Syrian sweets are a whole other topic of discussion. Sometimes, my life feels miserable without having them, but, you know, it is what it is, I’m trying to overcome the hardships''.  (Laughs).
Posted by Rima Yeghiazarian

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