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Armenian by Birth
Dvin Isanians
Dvin Isanians
| From Tehran, Iran | Moved in 2002

The idea of moving to Armenia had always been a must in the Isanians family rather than a desire. For years the vision to move to their motherland was there, but it took three years to finally decide that it was the right time to move.
Dvin Isanians was born and lived in Tehran, Iran for 12 years until he moved to Armenia with his family, at a very young age. Although his brother had already moved a few years before, his family’s goal was to move to Armenia.
“I remember that we started visiting Armenia every summer since 1996”
“Up until my sister graduated from high school and wanted to gain acceptance to a university in Armenia did we finally manage to follow through with our ultimate goal and move to Armenia”.
Dvin grew up in a patriotic Armenian atmosphere that was inherited from his parents. His love towards Armenia and its culture was very unexplainable, and mere words alone couldn’t describe his feelings for his ethnic homeland.
After moving to his motherland, he faced many problems integrating with his fellow classmates at high school, “since integration was very easy among Armenian and Iranian back in Tehran, it was a bit hard for me to fit in here in Yerevan.” The struggle with alienation took him quite some time, but it never backfired towards the love he had for his country. Instead, he took it positively, eventually came to fit in, and he now considers himself on equal footing with the locals.  This adaptation to his environment occurred because he never isolated himself from the customs and culture of the people, nor his surroundings in Armenia
“I always befriended locals and their social rules, making it easier for me to fit in. It was a very different experience for my friends from Iran, though living in Armenia for the past 10 years, having difficulties with the social environment.  In fact, many of them have yet to adjust and adapt to their new home.”
Dvin ultimately graduated from the Armenian National University of Architecture and Construction, and as a thriving architect, he finds himself in his rightful place at the Architectural Studio. He sees a lot of advantages and disadvantages towards the architectural evolvement of the city. His modern views lead him to collaborate and participate with the construction projects of the international school in Dilijan.
In addition to his professional activities regarding architecture and his field of choice, Dvin is also an activist. His activism comes through via his work towards the preservation of historical places in Yerevan.  This care for community, and his actions related to it, is a means to provide hope for every Armenian living in Armenia; to experience and see for themselves the motherland they wish to have.
The love for Armenia that the Isanians exhibit is impossible to describe, as “it comes from the heart and the blood”. It’s specifically people like Dvin, who provide hope for Armenia and for Armenians all around the world to also move back or at least visit Armenia and see for themselves what a beautiful prosperous nation it has become and can indeed be.
“The most important concept for me is that Armenia is mine, and I don’t wish to leave it no matter what. However, should unexpected events occur that precipitate my need to leave Armenia, perhaps my views may indeed change.  Yet, I don’t foresee any cause for emigration, and I certainly have no intention to leave my hometown”
As for the contribution he gives and expects to receive from Armenia, it involves love and hope; to make a nation for everyone, to make it feel like home, and to fully realize the very stories his parents and most of ours used to tell us.
“The road that I’m following involves contributing to my homeland, both professionally and mentally.  I just want to make it a better place for my children and grandchildren. I have everything I want here in Armenia; I have my job, my love for my country, and the people dearest to me.”
Conducted by Alexandra Banna
Edited by Armen Martirosian

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