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Hayrenaser Moves To Armenia
Hayrenaser Moves To Armenia
The founders of Hayrenaser, Nelli Martirosyan and Stepan Sargsyan repatriated from Los Angeles in 2016. 

"We always asked each other "are you ready to move back?" If one of us had said no, then there wouldn't be a marriage." says Nelli Martirosyan.

The strong love for their homeland was the magic link that united this power couple and they knew that eventually they will be raising their kids in Armenia. 

"When I realized that eventually my children's children will lose their Armenian identity, it was the critical point of my decision. From there on, I started planning my return to Armenia. We have our family now and we believe that in order for our family to live happy, we need to live in Armenia. It is that simple'' says Stepan Sargsyan.

Before making the big move, this family had already started working on different projects, spending months at a time in Artsakh. 
"Homeland is where we should live our every day life. Homeland isn't just something you can see from afar. It requires tender love and care. The school in Herik village became a unifying location for all the residents of this village and the ones near by. Herik is all set, it has the two most important things - electricity and a school. It is time for Herik to grow''.

Nelli and Stepan hope that their move will serve as an example to all the other Armenians living abroad, breaking the stereotype that there is no opportunities in Armenia. 

"My homeland is my heart, my life, my home. I feel like I belong in Armenia" says Nelli Martirosyan.

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