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Armenian by Birth
Nishan Paparian
Nishan Paparian
Moved in 2013 from California, USA

The first time Nishan Paparian visited Armenia in 2008, he had instantly laid his eyes on his homeland. His second visit with his friend made him extend his stay. With no specific plans, whatsoever, Paparian was simply indulged in Armenia, he had much to explore. 

An Armenian-American, he was born and raised in Pasadena, California. His great grandfather had settled in Rhode Island after fleeing the 1907 massacres. Although in his family little to no Armenian was spoken, he felt he was more of an American back in the US. His father being a third generation Armenian-American, quarter of an Irish and three quarters of an Armenian, English was the primary language in the household. Paparian’s father still wished his children to attend an Armenian school. 

A lot changed when he moved to Armenia. A decision as big as that wasn’t greeted with joy in the beginning, his family worried he wouldn’t be able to provide himself, but eventually, were supportive of his choice. They wanted their son to be happy wherever he pleased. Nishan found his happiness in his motherland.

He first started volunteering at TUMO Center For Creative Technologies, which later became his stable workplace. He started teaching filmmaking there, and is currently working with Yelling Animation startup in TUMO, working on animated miniseries. Paparian is extremely proud of his students, he even claims they have outdone him!

Life in Armenia seemed more real to Nishan than that in the US. Making plans with friends can be done in a matter of minutes rather than making arrangements a week before meeting them. He noted that people live like robots in America, but what he found important was his feelings. Armenia felt more comfortable and less materialistic to him. It felt more serene. 

One of his dreams is to visit Western Armenia. Seeing the churches of Ani, being hypnotized with every rock is an aspiration he desires to realize. He has travelled a lot in the country and hopes to take his parents sightseeing and truly appreciate the captivating, breathtaking beauty of Armenia. 

Not once has Nishan regretted moving to his homeland. He looks upon the change positively. Here, Paparian feels the warmth of truly being at home. 

“I will never forget Pasadena, after all, it is where I was born and raised. But Armenia is my home too. You can say I have 2 homes: both Yerevan and Pasadena.”

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