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The First Repatriation and Integration Center Opens in Yerevan
The First Repatriation and Integration Center Opens in Yerevan
Armenia's First Repatriation and Integration Center, a joint initiative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, and Repat Armenia, stands as a beacon of hope for repatriates seeking to reconnect with their ancestral homeland. Located in the heart of Yerevan, the Center plays a pivotal role in supporting repatriates on their transformative journey back to Armenia.
The Center serves as a comprehensive resource hub, offering essential assistance to potential repatriates during their relocation process to Armenia. Repat Armenia's dedication as a partner organization is evident, providing vital soft landing and networking support, along with valuable information and resources for those looking to reconnect with Armenia.

Comprehensive Support for Repatriates


The Repatriation and Integration Center will provide individualized support by assigning Integration Support Specialists to each repatriate or family, guiding them throughout the process and liaison with various government and non-governmental bodies to find optimal solutions for repatriation-related issues.

The Center will also collaborate closely with Repat Armenia to aid repatriates in finding employment in Armenia. Regular virtual and in-person forums, networking events, job fairs, and professional training courses will complement their journey. Additionally, free Eastern Armenian language classes will offer a more immersive experience for those returning to their roots.


In line with Repat Armenia's core mission of promoting and facilitating repatriation, Vartan Marashlyan, the organization's executive director, expressed his optimism that the opening of the Repatriation and Integration Center is just the beginning of numerous initiatives spearheaded by the government to encourage more Armenians to return to their homeland.


"With the Center's inauguration, the Republic of Armenia takes a crucial stride towards simplifying and making the repatriation process more accessible," remarked Marashlyan. While acknowledging that there are still further steps to be taken, including the adoption of the law on repatriation and fostering a pro-repatriation environment, he remained optimistic that the tangible and sustained positive changes resulting from this initiative would foster a continuous growth in the number of families and individuals choosing to relocate to Armenia each year.


Collaboration for a Brighter Future


The Center, located at 37 Hanrapetutyan Street in the heart of Yerevan, shares a historic building with Repat Armenia and Birthright Armenia, generously provided by the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation free of charge. The strategic location of the Center within the same building as Repat Armenia and other H. Hovnanian Family Foundation organizations further enhances its impact. This close proximity promotes seamless collaboration, creating a powerful network of support for repatriates as they embark on their new journey in Armenia.


As the Repatriation and Integration Center opens its doors, Armenia embarks on a new chapter of diaspora engagement. This landmark initiative stands as a testament to the collaborative efforts of the government, partner organizations like Repat Armenia, and the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, working in unison to build a brighter and more prosperous future for the homeland.

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