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  • Why Do Millennials Repatriate? - Araz Kekejian
    Repat Story
    What started off as a passion trip suddenly had the potential to construct the basis of the rest of my life
  • Mihran Papazian
    Repat Story
    Nowadays I don't think moving to Armenia require much guts anymore, it's the opposite, as parents you'll quickly realize the pros & cons, and it's actually a no-brainer
  • “Nothing hits you by surprise or shock, unless you’re a pedestrian trying to cross the street, of course.” - Raffi Youredjian
    Repat Story
    “I stopped being a tourist in Armenia long before I moved here. Repatriation was easy for me because I didn’t have the “Oh, I need to get used to this” mentality.
  • A teenager Integrating in Armenia: Do’s & Don’ts
    Well, I’ve been there and done that, so I wanted to share some lessons that I learned along the way
  • Opportunities For Teenagers in Armenia
    I took it upon myself to make a guide of some places to visit and opportunities to pursue
  • Why Millennials Repatriate To Armenia?
    Repat Story
    We asked these questions to 7 repat millenials from all over the world ​
  • Hannah Marashian
    Repat Story
    Seeing the development from the ground up and having the privilege of growing alongside the business while in Armenia has been significant
  • Hilariously Awkward Situations You May Face: Vol. 1
    I recommend spending some time in each to familiarize yourselves with the richness of the Armenian language
  • Yeram Fabien Tomarci - How Do I Work in Armenia
    Repat Story
    Develop a culture of excellence in operational strategy, leverage Armenian talents to foster exportations, continue developing frameworks that enhance professional collaborations between Armenia and the diaspora
  • Anita Eisakhani
    Repat Story
    I decided to take the risk, accepted the offer and moved to Armenia within two weeks
  • Nairi Zadikian - Connecting the Dots
    Repat Story
    I had made up my mind; I wanted to work as a civil engineer in the country my grandmother taught me how important it was to remember throughout my life
  • Anahit Sevumyan
    Repat Story
    It is a huge positive when you can rely on the state; however, each of us should know that it is us - the people, who are responsible for our country
  • Maria Anazonian
    Repat Story
    Due to recent changes in the country, people are hopeful and smiling. That makes me a happier person. I believe in Armenia and its prosperity
  • Hrair Aguilian
    Repat Story
    Safety is a huge factor; it is absolutely safe for one to be out, day or night
  • Seto Hovsepian
    Repat Story
    Children should be exposed to both dialects of the language, given the opportunity to truly love the country in a way that is very real instead of simply an ideal