My Way Home

  • Armen and Arpi Khachatrians
    Armenian by Birth
    Every Armenian should experience living in Armenia, the ups, the downs, the feeling of being home
  • Annie Akkam
    Armenian by Birth
    Honestly, if you survive your visit to OVIR, you can survive anything
  • Lorik Hartunian
    Armenian by Birth
    As you start discovering Armenia, you also start discovering yourself
  • Yeva Voskanyan
    Armenian by Choice
    People don’t live like robots here, we’re alive. Armenia is a comfortable place to live, it’s home
  • Finding Your Way Around in the Pink City
    Armenian by Birth
    Welcome to the Pink City!
  • Sonya's Guide to Achieving the Armenian Dream
    Armenian by Birth
    If you’re staying here to shape Armenia’s economy, you should also help other new, local businesses
  • Azatoohi Simonyan
    Armenian by Birth
    In Artsakh I realized how important it is to be physically present, to be involved, to actually give birth to the projects that will balance our concept of dreaming big and acting.
  • Nishan Paparian
    Armenian by Birth
    I will never forget Pasadena, after all, it is where I was born and raised. But Armenia is my home too.
  • Making It In Armenia: The Tourist
    Armenian by Choice
    This was the first time Yerevan became my city
  • Edgar Kazarov
    Armenian by Choice
    It is a delusion to think that the government owes us something
  • Making It In Armenia
    Armenian by Choice
    This move has been full of happiness, depression, and everything in between.
  • Sona Sahakyan
    Armenian by Birth
    It makes me very happy to see the youth eager to settle here, and whenever they tell me they want to travel abroad I always ask them: “But you’re coming back, right?”.
  • Raffi Berberian
    Armenian by Birth
    If you want to change your life, or get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you should come to Armenia.
  • Andrew Molica
    Armenian by Birth
    You asked me why Armenia, right? Now, I’m asking you, why not Armenia?
  • Hayrenaser Moves To Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    When I realized that eventually my children's children will lose their Armenian identity, it was the critical point of my decision.