My Way Home

  • Tatev Babayan
    Repat Story
    “You may be successful in Singapore, USA or France, but only here you can become aware of and deeply feel Armenian. It is a hard choice. One should be ready. ”
  • Charlotte Poulain
    Repat Story
    "Having your own project, something that you are passionate about and in which you are 100% involved, it roots you. So I'm not ready to leave."
  • Sevag and Tamar Gosdanian
    Repat Story
    “This land has an inexplicable magnetic force. I, along with Sevag and our 2 children, simply love living here. For a long time now, this is the kind of living that we know and don’t want to go back.”
  • Aline Sarian
    Repat Story
    “There are three main reasons why we decided to move when we did: the fresh new country was intoxicating, the quality of life in accordance with our values, and we wanted our children to be raised as true Armenians.”
  • Vasken Brudian
    Repat Story
    “So I went back to Los Angeles to finalize it all and since 2013 I reside in Yerevan; finally, I was not a tourist anymore.”
  • Berj Tufenkjian
    Repat Story
    “It is known, that if you want to live in Rome, you should be a Roman. It is much the same is with Armenia.”
  • FIVE Years discovering the Armenian Highland!
    A very good morning from the Armenian Highland!
  • Arpenik Mouradyan
    Repat Story
    "It is here that I feel myself good, I feel fulfilled and my creativity benefits from it."
  • Arpine Qtoyan
    Repat Story
    "If someone wants to move, he/she should try to plan everything beforehand properly, including making connections."
  • Ara Gidigyan
    Repat Story
    “We almost had no clue of what to expect of Armenia and what was awaiting us here, and it was a little discomforting for us. However, after arriving we noticed the generosity of the local people and their warm approach to welcoming newcomers.”
  • Anna Avetisyan
    Repat Story
    "It is very hard to live somewhere nobody knows where you come from. There was nothing I could refer to promote my identity."
  • Mariam Gasparyan
    Repat Story
    "I am very pleased because compared with 2010, there is definitely a positive change. Here we have a place to grow.”
  • Five Differences Between NYC and Yerevan: Metro System
    NYC's Subway System vs Yerevan's Metro Station.
  • Nina Mehrabian
    Repat Story
    "I think that the diaspora does not love its motherland, but rather is in love with it. When we are in love, we do not notice the drawbacks, while to love the country means that you consider both the advantages and disadvantages of your country."
  • Alan Kutchukian
    Repat Story
    "... like any other developing country, we have issues. Since the country is small, I hope we can overcome the issues at a rapid pace."