My Way Home

  • Ara Gidigyan
    Repat Story
    “We almost had no clue of what to expect of Armenia and what was awaiting us here, and it was a little discomforting for us. However, after arriving we noticed the generosity of the local people and their warm approach to welcoming newcomers.”
  • Anna Avetisyan
    Repat Story
    "It is very hard to live somewhere nobody knows where you come from. There was nothing I could refer to promote my identity."
  • Mariam Gasparyan
    Repat Story
    "I am very pleased because compared with 2010, there is definitely a positive change. Here we have a place to grow.”
  • Five Differences Between NYC and Yerevan: Metro System
    NYC's Subway System vs Yerevan's Metro Station.
  • Nina Mehrabian
    Repat Story
    "I think that the diaspora does not love its motherland, but rather is in love with it. When we are in love, we do not notice the drawbacks, while to love the country means that you consider both the advantages and disadvantages of your country."
  • Alan Kutchukian
    Repat Story
    "... like any other developing country, we have issues. Since the country is small, I hope we can overcome the issues at a rapid pace."
  • Mari Anazonian
    Repat Story
    “Just thinking of the fact that even after 100 years of the Armenian Genocide, we still talk Armenian, makes me emotional!”
  • Vrezh Darkosyan
    Repat Story
    ''Armenia has always attracted me, and during my years in school here I developed a deep love for the city.”
  • Tadevos and Sasnuhy Paskevichyan
    Repat Story
    "My father was never able to write a single song during the 25 years he was in the U.S.A, because there was no passion whatsoever."
  • Artur Khachaturyan
    Repat Story
    "Future is in our hands, we can't live with the past. We live here and now, we need to change to the better, to help the country that needs us."
  • Mara Abramyan
    Repat Story
    “I want to show that Armenians are not a ‘poor, hungry nation’, this is not a musty country, and here is it possible to have fun and work. Enjoy the life and be happy.”
  • Taline Jivanian
    Repat Story
    "I learned from my own experience that if you approach the adaptation process by being open and willing to learn it is one of the most intriguing experiences you can have."
  • Anna Gargarian
    Repat Story
    “Living here puts your Armenian identity in perspective. I think everybody should have the experience of living here, it’s a special experience”.
  • Dro Bazikyan
    Repat Story
    "In my earlier years, I faced discrimination. Not that it bothered me a lot, but it got me thinking about it, because I was where I'm supposed to be: in my homeland.”
  • Lousineh Navasartian
    Repat Story
    "Living in Iran, you always have questions about your identity: why would you live in a country where you are considered a minority and deprived of most of rights?"