My Way Home

  • Dvin Isanians
    Armenian by Birth
    “The road that I’m following involves contributing to my homeland, both professionally and mentally. I just want to make it a better place for my children and grandchildren.”
  • Sona Baghdasaryan
    Armenian by Birth
    "Armenia has been through changes since I first moved here. The biggest difference is that it is calmer and more peaceful. It is as if I have been here my whole life.”
  • Armen Martirosian
    Armenian by Birth
    "If you have the opportunity to visit Armenia, take it, make some time for it. I live here now and there are still many things that I don’t fully understand, but I am slowly learning."
  • From Engagement to Investment: The Story of Olivier Mouradian
    Armenian by Birth
    Story of a repatriate and her vision on Armenia.
  • How To ‘Repat’ Part Two: Making It Here
    Armenian by Birth
    Guide for Repatriates