• Professional repatriation: victories for the Motherland and for yourself
    Repat Story
    When difficult times began in Russia, Natalia Kazantseva needed to think about changing her place of residence due to closed opportunities for work and her daughter’s tennis career.
  • Sowing good seeds: the story of Zaruhi Karapetyan and café “Nazuk”
    Repat Story
    In recent years, Gyumri has taken the direction of progress: the architectural appearance of the city, both national and gastronomic, has changed, and innovations have appeared in the city’s infrastructure. Repatriates, often the ones with Gyumri roots, made a big contribution to all this.
  • Culture and education as connecting links in Armenia
    Repat Story
    Aram was born in the USA but grew up in the environment of Armenian culture, he has been living in Armenia for several months. Amir was born in Iran, although he spent most of his life in Armenia and carries the Armenian culture within himself as strongly and reverently as Aram, but, unlike him, has no Armenian roots.
  • 6 Ways to Continue Learning as an Adult in Armenia
    Are you ready to reclaim your heritage and shape Armenia's future? The country provides essential learning opportunities for those looking to continue their educational journey, aiding integration and professional and personal growth. In Armenia's fast development, numerous educational programs are designed to maximize the potential of both local and repatriate populations.
  • London-born Lawyer Carl Ulbricht Revives Armenian Crafts in Garni
    Armenian by Choice
    Carl's connection with Armenia began unexpectedly during a family holiday in 1988, exploring the historic landscapes of Eastern Turkey—historic Western Armenia. Visiting ancient Armenian sites sparked a fascination that would eventually draw him to Armenia itself.
  • Fear of losing the homeland as a reason for repatriation
    Repat Story
    The village of Tsovinar in the Gegharkunik region, Madrid, then transit Yerevan-Madrid-Yerevan, well, and the final point in this long journey of self-discovery, finding one's place and purpose, Azatazen: such is the geography of Nagash Bagdasaryan's return home.
  • Discover Summer Programs for Kids and Youth in Armenia 2024
    Are you searching for an exciting summer experience for your children? Repat Armenia presents a wide range of summer programs specifically crafted for kids and youth in 2024.
  • #EngageArmenia2024: A Resounding Success Across Europe
    Spanning eight European cities from March 6 to March 13, 2024, the tour successfully brought together Armenians from diverse backgrounds to focus on the future of the homeland, fostering a deep and practical engagement.
  • Move2Armenia's Vision for a Thriving Repatriate Community (Part 2)
    Impact Maker
    From offering a concierge service for repatriated families to providing comprehensive information for potential movers, Move2Armenia has established itself as an invaluable resource for those considering a new life in Armenia.
  • I Always Say "Give Armenia Seven Days"
    Armenian by Choice
    Mathew Zein’s relocation to Armenia with his family is a tale not just of moving to a new country but of finding a place that resonated as home after years of global exploration. Arriving in Armenia with his wife in April 2017, Mathew found what had been elusive elsewhere: a sense of belonging.
  • The Activities of the VIVA Charity Foundation: Volunteering as a Starting Point for Repatriation
    Impact Maker
    It seems that the time has come when the financial and material support of Diaspora compatriots alone is not enough to solve the problems Armenia is facing today, the solution of which may mean a leap forward, while the failure to solve them may mean a decline into a vast abyss.
  • Building Bridges: The Inspiring Journey of Move2Armenia (Part 1)
    Impact Maker
    Move2Armenia is a movement started by three Armenian repatriates from Russia in January 2022. With a mission parallel to that of Repat Armenia, Move2Armenia is dedicated to making Armenia a hub for living, working, business, and education.
  • Anahide’s Journey: A New Beginning in Armenia (Part Two)
    Repat Story
    For Anahide, the decision to move to Armenia was about offering her children what she calls the best of both worlds. She enrolled them in the French school, the Lycée Français Anatole France, to ensure a well-rounded education while also relishing the warmth and nurturing atmosphere of Armenia.
  • Engage Armenia 2024 Speaker Spotlight: Sisian Boghossian on Catalyzing Armenia's Tourism
    As Armenia forges its path in an ever-evolving global context, it not only draws from its rich cultural heritage and history but also signals a future ripe with growth and possibilities.
  • Engage Armenia 2024 Participant Larisa Hovannisian on Empowering Armenia's Future
    Armenia has faced its fair share of troubles recently. However, amidst these challenges, there is a growing movement of Armenians from around the world coming together to reshape the country's future.