• How You Can Be Helpful Today for Artsakh and Armenia
    In this review, we will share with you the most active NGOs that are currently mobilizing resources to support our compatriots from Artsakh. It is nice to see that the majority of them were initiated by representatives of our Diaspora, repatriates and expats.
  • Discover Armenia: A Haven for Digital Nomads
    Digital Nomad
    Are you a digital nomad seeking an inspiring destination to set up your remote workspace? Look no further than Armenia, a hidden gem in the heart of the South Caucasus region. With its rich history, stunning landscapes, and vibrant culture, Armenia offers an exceptional experience for those who are here or are considering the move. Let's explore why Armenia is an ideal destination for digital nomads seeking a fulfilling and enriching lifestyle.
  • Embracing Learning and Adventure: A Day in the Life of a Kid in Armenia
    Armenia, a country rich in history and culture, offers families and children a vibrant and fulfilling life. For those considering repatriation, it's essential to understand the experiences that await your children in their new homeland. So, let's take a journey through a typical day in the life of a kid in Armenia, from the excitement of learning to the wonders of outdoor exploration.
  • oqni: Empowering Amputees and Redefining Possibilities
    Impact Maker
    In a world filled with challenges, some individuals and organizations rise above adversity to make a lasting impact. One such organization is oqni, a dynamic Armenian-based NGO that has emerged as a beacon of hope for the amputee community.
  • A man who found his way home
    Repat Story
    I will tell you a story that started back in the 19th century. My great-great-grandfather, Agop, was born in 1859 in the Ottoman Empire, in Constantinople. In the early twentieth century, he fled the Armenian Genocide and found refuge on the other side of the Black Sea in what is now Krasnodar Krai. The next three generations built their lives far away from Armenia, but they always kept the memory of their roots and passed this knowledge on to the young.
  • Taking Time for Self-Care in Armenia
    In recent years, Armenia, a land of rich cultural heritage and resilient people, has seen a shift in attitudes towards self-care and personal development. While the traditional mindset viewed self-reflection as a private matter, the country is now embracing the importance of nurturing one's well-being.
  • There are no job opportunities in Armenia
    There are no job opportunities in Armenia. This is, perhaps, the first and most important fear that arises among our compatriots thinking of moving to Armenia. Admittedly, this is the factor that leaves the idea of repatriation as an idea.
  • The First Repatriation and Integration Center Opens in Yerevan
    Armenia's First Repatriation and Integration Center, a joint initiative of the Office of the High Commissioner for Diaspora Affairs, the H. Hovnanian Family Foundation, and Repat Armenia, stands as a beacon of hope for repatriates seeking to reconnect with their ancestral homeland.
  • Hrayr Barsoumian: Building a Future in Armenia
    Repat Story
    In the vibrant landscape of repatriates who have found their way back to Armenia, Hrayr Barsoumian’s journey stands out as a testament to perseverance and dedication. Born into an Armenian family in Lebanon, Hrayr followed his heart and decided to relocate to Armenia five years ago.
  • Unlocking Armenia: 8 'Dos' and 'Don'ts' Every Repat Should Know
    Embarking on a journey to repatriate to Armenia is a momentous decision, filled with excitement, challenges, and endless possibilities.
  • A Soldier in His Own Right
    Repat Story
    Returning to the homeland was my sole desire after the war in 2021.
  • Adults need a fairy tale more than children
    Armenian by Choice
    I can't say that I 100% understand what will happen in Armenia tomorrow. It may sound overly emotional, but for me to leave now is tantamount to betrayal. So here we are.
  • My biggest professional goal is to help Armenia in my knowledge field
    Repat Story
    This time we decided to talk with Dr. Serge Doulian who moved to Armenia from Lebanon in 2021 and opened an endocrinology clinic in Yerevan.
  • Hayk Vardanyan: get involved in projects in Armenia
    Repat Story
    Hayk Vardanyan is the founder of Network Nations podcast where he interviews people who contribute to Armenia.
  • Andranik Togramadzhian: being Armenian is starting with saying that you are Armenian
    Repat Story
    Andranik Togramadzhian moved to Armenia from Russia. Now he is managing two projects: SkyLabs (the first crypto terminals in Armenia) and (the online real estate classifieds platform).