• Tigran Asriyan
    Armenian by Birth
    It doesn’t matter “how much Armenian” you are (by 20 or 50 percent) it is more essential that you change Armenia for the better
  • Sashka Avanyan
    Armenian by Birth
    Originally, the plan was to stay here for 4 months and then go back. It’s my 14th month in Armenia
  • Arthur Dolmajian
    Armenian by Birth
    Repatriation is about doing and not waiting for things to change to take action
  • Back to the Basics in the Motherland; my Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    Live your life to the fullest and make every day count
  • Artashes Margaryan
    Armenian by Birth
    With so many Armenians and non-Armenians coming from all over the world, repatriating or migrating, bringing their adopted cultures along with them, things will only become all the more interesting in the years to come
  • Vahan Manjigian
    Armenian by Birth
    If you want to know the future of a country, look to its youth. The light has been seen at the end of the tunnel and hopefully we get there without too many obstacles along the way
  • Annman Kantsyan
    Armenian by Birth
    Think of Armenia on a global context, while taking into account the local culture
  • Zara Zeitountsian
    Armenian by Birth
    Come here with very realistic expectations
  • Repat Impact: Lucineh Kassarjian
    Armenian by Birth
    It’s happening, and you better take the better seats!
  • Artsakh Koshgerian
    Armenian by Birth
    Armenia has the potential to grow and become an international hub for graphic designers, IT developers, and creative professionals
  • Armen Avak Avakian: The Best Time To Be In Armenia Is NOW
    Armenian by Birth
    Don’t judge if you don’t have a solution
  • Patricia Karsyan
    Armenian by Birth
    It’s hard to keep your identity while living anywhere else but your home
  • Alina Kolbina
    Armenian by Choice
    And I’ll tell you a secret - in Armenia dreams come true, even the deepest and most cherished ones
  • Harmik Manaserian
    Armenian by Birth
    Who else is going to develop our homeland if not us?
  • A Repat Experience: Comparing with a Canadian Lifestyle
    Armenian by Birth
    So what are some of the major differences I still compare between the two countries?