• To live in Armenia means to have self-esteem!
    Armenian by Choice
    Today, saying that Armenia needs repatriates means we should be ready to start creating programs from the very beginning: from language training courses to employment assistance
  • Tips on Navigating through Armenia
    Armenian by Choice
    Tips and more
  • Armen and Arpi Khachatrians
    Armenian by Birth
    Every Armenian should experience living in Armenia, the ups, the downs, the feeling of being home
  • Annie Akkam
    Armenian by Birth
    Honestly, if you survive your visit to OVIR, you can survive anything
  • Repat Impact: Sara Anjargolian
    Armenian by Birth
    Changing worldview toward believing that you as an individual hold the power of possibility is much more important
  • Lorik Hartunian
    Armenian by Birth
    As you start discovering Armenia, you also start discovering yourself
  • Sarkis Panosian
    Armenian by Birth
    We work elsewhere, invest our time in working abroad, do all of that while we have Armenia to develop
  • Yeva Voskanyan
    Armenian by Choice
    People don’t live like robots here, we’re alive. Armenia is a comfortable place to live, it’s home
  • From Good To Great: Zorah's Success Poetry
    Armenian by Birth
    To not dare is to have already lost, because things only happen if we dare to follow our dreams
  • Finding Your Way Around in the Pink City
    Armenian by Birth
    Welcome to the Pink City!
  • Beatriz Arslanian
    Armenian by Birth
    I believe the ingredients are in the Diaspora, but the kitchen is in Armenia. That’s where I wanted to be, right in the kitchen
  • Ara Ohanian
    Armenian by Birth
    You’ll never know what will happen, but I feel safe for my children and their future in Armenia
  • Sonya's Guide to Achieving the Armenian Dream
    Armenian by Birth
    If you’re staying here to shape Armenia’s economy, you should also help other new, local businesses
  • Making It In Armenia - Understanding
    Armenian by Birth
    Home is not a place. It is a feeling. Armenians are a great example of this.
  • Alex Findikian
    Armenian by Birth
    It doesn’t matter if you see Ararat everyday, you’d still take a picture every time and never get tired of it. Armenia is where I belong