• Lorik Hartunian
    Armenian by Birth
    As you start discovering Armenia, you also start discovering yourself
  • Sarkis Panosian
    Armenian by Birth
    We work elsewhere, invest our time in working abroad, do all of that while we have Armenia to develop
  • Yeva Voskanyan
    Armenian by Choice
    People don’t live like robots here, we’re alive. Armenia is a comfortable place to live, it’s home
  • From Good To Great: Zorah's Success Poetry
    Armenian by Birth
    To not dare is to have already lost, because things only happen if we dare to follow our dreams
  • Finding Your Way Around in the Pink City
    Armenian by Birth
    Welcome to the Pink City!
  • Beatriz Arslanian
    Armenian by Birth
    I believe the ingredients are in the Diaspora, but the kitchen is in Armenia. That’s where I wanted to be, right in the kitchen
  • Ara Ohanian
    Armenian by Birth
    You’ll never know what will happen, but I feel safe for my children and their future in Armenia
  • Sonya's Guide to Achieving the Armenian Dream
    Armenian by Birth
    If you’re staying here to shape Armenia’s economy, you should also help other new, local businesses
  • Making It In Armenia - Understanding
    Armenian by Birth
    Home is not a place. It is a feeling. Armenians are a great example of this.
  • Alex Findikian
    Armenian by Birth
    It doesn’t matter if you see Ararat everyday, you’d still take a picture every time and never get tired of it. Armenia is where I belong
  • Azatoohi Simonyan
    Armenian by Birth
    In Artsakh I realized how important it is to be physically present, to be involved, to actually give birth to the projects that will balance our concept of dreaming big and acting.
  • Nune Malakyan: I Found Myself In Armenia
    Armenian by Birth
    You won’t move to another house, if yours is dirty. Instead, you just clean it. We need to leave this user mentality behind and start to take the owner responsibilities
  • Making It In Armenia: Pretending
    Armenian by Birth
    Do you want to go home? This was the honest slap in the face that I needed.
  • Nishan Paparian
    Armenian by Birth
    I will never forget Pasadena, after all, it is where I was born and raised. But Armenia is my home too.
  • Making It In Armenia: The Tourist
    Armenian by Choice
    This was the first time Yerevan became my city