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  • Areg Abramyan
    from Russia
    Founder and CEO of Zartnir
  • Vahe Keushguerian
    from USA
    Founder & CEO of WineWorks
  • Haikouhi Oroudjian
    from France
    Co-founder and COO of oqni
  • Hajk Bagradjans
    from Germany
    Co-Founder and CEO of oqni
  • Teny Avakian
    from USA
    Chief Executive Officer of Girls of Armenia Leadership Sports
  • Tim Straight
    from USA
    Founder of the Homeland Development Initiative Foundation
  • Ara Yeramian
    from Germany
    Founder of the Biomedical Engineering Association of Armenia
  • Hasmik Movsisian
    from UK
    Founder and Artistic Director of Music of Armenia
  • Georgi Kevorkov
    from Belarus
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of the Armenian Global Community
  • Elena Akopyan
    from Russia
    President of "Hurry to Good" Charitable Foundation
  • Hagop Makdis
    from Syria
    Founder and Director of Big Mind
  • Hiroki Tachiiri
    from Japan
    Social Entrepreneur
  • Larisa Hovhannisian
    from USA
    Founder and CEO of Teach For Armenia
  • Aram Unanyan
    from Russia
    Founder and Editor-in-Chief of Mtqaran
  • Kazar Akopyan
    from Russia
    Social Entrepreneur
  • Haik Kazarian
    from Canada
    Social Entrepreneur