Hagop Makdis
From Syria
Hagop Makdis
Founder and Director of Big Mind
Man of Opportunities or Hagop Makdis is founder and director at “Big Mind” educational and business center, a top-ranking communication training specialist, speaker, lecturer, personal development coach, and certified NLP practitioner trainer with over 10 years of experience, at regional and international level. Since 2013, he has held hundreds of training sessions in “Nonverbal Communication - Body Language” with the help of which over 3,000 people who have enhanced their communication and soft skills. he is also a certified and exalted communication specialist at the American International Center. 
Hagop Makdis started his academic journey back in Syria, earning his Bachelor’s Degree of Life Science from Faculty of Science at Aleppo University. After completing his master's degree in the same department at Aleppo State University, he moved to Armenia in 2016. Hagop’s dedication and passion for continuing education drove him to earn his second master's degree in life sciences at Yerevan State University which he graduated with honors. 
Most recent positions include: Lecturer at Public Administration Academy of the Republic of Armenia, Communication Strategy Specialist at the Ministry of Education, Science, Culture and Sport of the RA, and Chief Executive Officer at ArmArabia - Armenian-Arab Partnership Center.  Hagop  is also the deputy director of the “Karo Hovagimyan” Foundation.