Hasmik Movsisian
From UK
Hasmik Movsisian
Founder and Artistic Director of Music of Armenia
Hasmik Movsisian has been working in the music industry for over 14 years specialising in project/events management and music marketing. Hasmik is best known for her driven and determined character, which results in her organising and hosting innovative concerts, festivals and musical projects, which break the boundaries of traditional viewpoints.
Having moved to Armenia in 2016, Hasmik is shaping and developing the music industry in Armenia by introducing innovative approaches to traditional music and conservative methods.
Hasmik has a wealth of experience as a cultural manager working in different locations and settings. Hasmik is the Founder and the Artistic Director of:
Music of Armenia, which promotes Armenian music and musicians internationally
• Women's Musical Month - a month-long event, which focuses on and celebrates the power of female creativity and talent
• Yerevan Duduk Festival
• Sayat Nova Festival
• Sharakan Festival
• The Quarantine Ensemble
Hasmik has also recently opened a boutique guest house and a cultural center in Bjni - Dream of Bjni. With Dream of Bjni, she aims to develop cultural tourism in the village, the region and Armenia as a whole.