Vahe Keushguerian
From USA
Vahe Keushguerian
Founder & CEO of WineWorks
Vahe Keushguerian is the Founder & CEO of WineWorks (a winery incubator that produces wine for 14 top Armenian wine brands), Co-Founder of EVN Wine Academy, and Owner of the first two nurseries that grow to propagate indigenous Armenian grape varieties. Vahe has around 30 years of experience in the global wine industry, including his extensive work with restaurants and distribution (Tastevin Imports, CA) and Lalime’s Restaurant in San Francisco. In Italy, Vahe had two wineries that produced internationally recognized wines; La Rendola s.r.l in Tuscany and La Corte in Puglia.
Vahe moved to Armenia in 2009, where he realized the potential of the Armenian wine industry and consulted on new wineries while starting the Karas Wine project, which in 2010 was the largest winery project in the country. In 2013 he founded WineWorks as well as Keush, which is a pioneer of traditional method sparkling wine. In 2017, he co-founded OSHIN, another premium Armenian wine project. In 2017, WineWorks partnered with ONEArmenia and DZ Studio over the “From Farm to Bottle” project to support grape farmers in creating their own wine brand. Vahe provided consulting on tourism, brand development and wine production services; as a result Momik Wines and WineCube were created. Furthermore, Vahe’s work extends beyond the wine industry, into civil society, where he is the Co-founder, Chairman of the board of both EVN Report and Impact Hub Yerevan.