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Employment Support
One of the most important things you’ll have to do in Armenia, if you’re not a retiree or with your own business, is finding a job.
Repat Armenia provides advanced employment support to all repatriates of Armenian origin as well as non-Armenian expats who are spouses of Armenians or Armenian Volunteer Corps volunteers/alums. With our partners from 8 18 Special Edition Consulting we focus on  individual selection of vacancies, contact potential employers and do job-matching for our applicants. 
To get employment support from us, you need to register on our website, open and send an "Employment" case. Please refer to this instruction if you face difficulties with registration.
Step 1: Click on the "Register" button on the top of our website:
Step 2: Fill in your personal information.
Step 3: Click on “Open a New Case” and choose “Employment”. Fill out the form and submit.
Within a couple of days our Case Manager and HR Business Partner will get in touch with you via email to schedule a brief interview in our office or online.