03.08.2020 (12:50)
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United for #SahmanStrong
We call all on our friends and supporters to become a part of this initiative, as YOUR input can save lives; your support WILL make a difference, with 100% of the funds received redirected to the construction of proper and high-quality bunkers. Donate for the protection of our compatriots. Donate for #SahmanStrong!
Join us NOW using the hashtag #SahmanStrong when transferring your assistance directly to Pahapan Foundation (https://www.pahapan.org/en/donation/ ) with the #SahmanStrong hashtag.
For donors in the U.S., you can contribute through our partner Birthright Armenia Paypal account - https://www.paypal.com/biz/fund?id=CV6M734XA828E using the #SahmanStrong hashtag
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