Hiroki Tachiiri
From Japan
Hiroki Tachiiri
Social Entrepreneur
Hiroki Tachiiri came to Armenia for the first time in 2009 when he co-founded Leadership School Foundation with his friend and moved here in 2017 from Japan with his Armenian wife. He studied international development/relations in Australia. In Japan, he worked mostly in IT/online fields and experienced 3 exits of startup including his own one.
After moving to Armenia, he has been involved in various projects; helping Leadership School Foundation grow, assisting Armenian companies both to enter Japan's market, acquiring investments from Japan and promoting Armenia to Japan for both tourism and business purposes through SNS, personal networks and his own books. During and after the Artsakh war of 2019, he was actively engaged in organizing activities supporting the refugees that included donating 1,000 smartphones to children to continue education and hosting some families by renting apartments. As his latest project, he founded an authentic Japanese restaurant, Tokyooo, in Yerevan.