My Way Home

  • Sona Sahakyan
    Repat Story
    It makes me very happy to see the youth eager to settle here, and whenever they tell me they want to travel abroad I always ask them: “But you’re coming back, right?”.
  • Raffi Berberian
    Repat Story
    If you want to change your life, or get out of your comfort zone and challenge yourself, you should come to Armenia.
  • Andrew Molica
    Armenian by Choice
    You asked me why Armenia, right? Now, I’m asking you, why not Armenia?
  • Hayrenaser Moves To Armenia
    Repat Story
    When I realized that eventually my children's children will lose their Armenian identity, it was the critical point of my decision.
  • The Turning Point: Armineh Panossian
    Repat Story
    ''I took a deep breath as I came out of the airport, held my son's hand, and confidently walked forward, knowing that I have burned my bridges behind me''
  • Armen Bandikian
    Repat Story
    “We need to give people a reason to come here and stay here.”
  • Garo Serpekian
    Repat Story
    ''Artsakh stole my heart once and forever. It’s not only about the nature or the history, it’s about people, determination, strength and persistence''
  • Dzovag Soghomonian
    Repat Story
    "I can’t say if it is easy or not, but passion, motivation and good qualifications work really well in Armenia and impact your future as they would everywhere else in the world".
  • Isa Paylan
    Repat Story
    "Once you are in love with Armenia, you will leave your heart here forever."
  • Arpi Setrak
    Repat Story
    “My desire is to see everyone come and build our homeland”.
  • Sona Saakyan
    Repat Story
    "It’s just you and Armenia, it’s not an easy relationship, but if your will and passion are strong, you will discover the treasure of your Armenia".
  • Tenny Adamian
    Repat Story
    "You don’t have to schedule many things and can go from place to place without planning since Yerevan is so small".
  • Liana Avetian
    Repat Story
    “The US is a great country, but Armenia is mine,” she says. No matter the difficulties it faces as a developing post-Soviet nation, “it’s ours.”
  • Shant Kotchian
    Repat Story
    “I don’t know what the secret is, but I always look forward to returning to Armenia.”
  • Tatev Babayan
    Repat Story
    “You may be successful in Singapore, USA or France, but only here you can become aware of and deeply feel Armenian. It is a hard choice. One should be ready. ”