My Way Home

  • Liana Avetian
    Armenian by Birth
    “The US is a great country, but Armenia is mine,” she says. No matter the difficulties it faces as a developing post-Soviet nation, “it’s ours.”
  • Shant Kotchian
    Armenian by Birth
    “I don’t know what the secret is, but I always look forward to returning to Armenia.”
  • Tatevik Revazian
    “You may be successful in Singapore, USA or France, but only here you can become aware of and deeply feel Armenian. It is a hard choice. One should be ready. ”
  • Charlotte Poulain
    Armenian by Choice
    "Having your own project, something that you are passionate about and in which you are 100% involved, it roots you. So I'm not ready to leave."
  • Sevag and Tamar Gosdanian
    Armenian by Birth
    “This land has an inexplicable magnetic force. I, along with Sevag and our 2 children, simply love living here. For a long time now, this is the kind of living that we know and don’t want to go back.”
  • Aline Sarian
    Armenian by Birth
    “There are three main reasons why we decided to move when we did: the fresh new country was intoxicating, the quality of life in accordance with our values, and we wanted our children to be raised as true Armenians.”
  • Vasken Brudian
    Armenian by Birth
    “So I went back to Los Angeles to finalize it all and since 2013 I reside in Yerevan; finally, I was not a tourist anymore.”
  • Berj Tufenkjian
    Armenian by Birth
    “It is known, that if you want to live in Rome, you should be a Roman. It is much the same is with Armenia.”
  • FIVE Years discovering the Armenian Highland!
    Armenian by Birth
    A very good morning from the Armenian Highland!
  • Arpenik Mouradyan
    Armenian by Birth
    "It is here that I feel myself good, I feel fulfilled and my creativity benefits from it."
  • Arpine Qtoyan
    Armenian by Birth
    "If someone wants to move, he/she should try to plan everything beforehand properly, including making connections."
  • Ara Gidigyan
    Armenian by Birth
    “We almost had no clue of what to expect of Armenia and what was awaiting us here, and it was a little discomforting for us. However, after arriving we noticed the generosity of the local people and their warm approach to welcoming newcomers.”
  • Anna Avetisyan
    Armenian by Birth
    "It is very hard to live somewhere nobody knows where you come from. There was nothing I could refer to promote my identity."
  • Mariam Gasparyan
    Armenian by Birth
    "I am very pleased because compared with 2010, there is definitely a positive change. Here we have a place to grow.”
  • Five Differences Between NYC and Yerevan: Metro System
    Armenian by Birth
    NYC's Subway System vs Yerevan's Metro Station.